Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Star Wars Games

When you host birthday parties of children, one of the hardest things to do is come up with games that all children will enjoy the game. When hosting a party issue, the task becomes more daunting as you want your games to follow the issue, but want it to be fun too. Here are some ideas for the next game Star wars party your birthday.

You can play a game called Star Wars trivia. This will take some preparation on your part, but children are sure to love it. Before the party, come with various trivia questions about Star Wars. It can be about characters, locations in the movie, the data on tape or anything else you want. Write down and write the answer. Split children into two groups in any way you want to read the questions. Have them call out the answers or do Family Feud style, having two children try to answer if they know the team can help. Kids love competition, so this is bound to get wild and get many laughs.

Another fun game is like an Easter egg hunt. Cut out pictures from the good guys in Star Wars and tape pieces of paper are much larger than the circumference of a cup of coffee. Hide them around your backyard. Tell children that alliance members have lost their jobs and to find them before the bad guys do. Whoever finds the most wins characters.

Another fun game to play is commonly known as the Telephone. In this game, kids sit in a circle and the first child comes up with a proposal. Could you have is an excerpt from the film, in keeping with the theme of Star Wars. Whisper is the next person who whispers to the person sitting next to them and so on until you reach the end of the cycle. The last person says the sentence out loud and everyone gets a good laugh, because it is clear that the proposal has gotten confused as it gets passed on.

A final really fun game called Open the gift. For this game, buy a gift that is Star Wars theme and wrap it around 8-9 times. The children will go around with a child opening a layer until the final coat is off. Anyone who takes the final layer gets here. Hopefully these are some fun games ideas to make your party great!

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