Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Computer Pictures

Accidentally lose your digital camera photos with great pain in the you know what? I know, because it's me. However, some site seeing at the end of my last European trip with my family when I was that dreaded «memory card error" on my new Canon D90, I immediately knew what to do, and within half an hour I was able to successfully recover all my lost pictures . This guide will show you how your lost or deleted pictures, but until then I have to explain what caused the problem, so you can avoid it in the future.

As my pictures have been deleted.

The most common cause of lost digital camera memory card photos, which split the data stream. This means that the camera are to memory and real life, most of it is accidentally dropping the camera, getting run out of batteries or removing the batteries once a picture is thus very important that after you get a photo, you must very careful of the camera, and then write to the card: In addition to this, if you see the battery is low, but, as an extra battery at once, because if you have power you cutout risk. Finally, always carry your camera on a strap around your hand or neck this way, if you drop the camera, you are covered.

Now what should I do?

First, I recommend the memory card directly connected to a PC or Mac via USB, or internal card reader. If available, you can connect by USB-connecting your camera, but it can sometimes be problematic. If you still can not see your pictures, you can try gently cleaning the memory card, the eyeglass lens cleaner. In many cases, if the problem is a connection problem

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