Tuesday, May 28, 2013

ABT VW Golf V car wallpapers gallery

ABT VW Golf V car wallpapers gallery
VW’s latest version of the Touran of Toronto Volkswagen Dealership, arrived in the car park with the obligatory press pack detailing the fact this was the 1.4 liter SE TSI model (£18,250 on the road). 1.4? Surely not. After all, there are seven seats in there.
Abt Volkswagen Golf VI GTI 260/300 HP
A run down to Stansted (with six empty seats) for an early morning flight served to show what a relaxing car the Touran can be on a motorway trip. No undue road or engine noise, the little 1.4 TSI slipping along effortlessly, belying its sheer lack of cubic centimeters. You can also check out other VW’s at Volkswagen Ontario.

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