Saturday, September 20, 2008

White Spider Lily - Hymenocallis Caroliniana

Hymenocallis means "beautiful membrane" which refers to the the corona that connects the stalks of the stamens for a portion of their length. This is a large spectacular flower that is exciting to find unexpectedly.

Similar Species: There are several species in other areas which may be distinguished by minor details, some by range. Shinners Spring Spiderlily, perhaps better known as Texan Spider Lily (Hymenocallis liriosme has a distinct yellow center). Alligator Lily (Hymenocallis palmeri) is found in southern Florida and has a yellow center. Crinum Lily has purplish/violet flower. Higanbana Lycoris radiata is the Red Spider Lily.

Photo of tropical White Spider Lily - Hymenocallis Caroliniana

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