Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Black Blister Beetle | Nemognatha Photo

Below are photos of tropical black blister beetle (Nemognatha), I think. On closer look, it purplish.

Boy, the subject of photo is a tough and mobile creature. It was extremely difficult to take close up shot when it just won't stop moving. For a macro shot, the subject must be still.

So what I did was to put it on a stick and let the beetle crawl from one end to the other. I positioned my lens at the end of the stick, hoping that the beetle will slow down to make a U-turn so that I can take the shot. Yup, the trick works.

Black beetle turning at a dead-end

It's Beetle Shit! Caught on camera. Zoom and see the things coming out from its end.

Actual size of the black purplish beetle. No bigger than my nail.

DID YOU KNOW: The photo above show a beetle crawling on my fingers. It's actually not. I pinched down it's legs using my left hand to keep it steady and my right for taking the shot.

For more hi-resolution tropical beetle, check out my Flickr Gallery Beetle

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