Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photo illustration: Nude Face of Cathy Freeman

This image was based on an illustration.

Features, such as eyes, eyebrows, lips and cheekbones, were etched with individual body shapes. In the studio photographer Andreas Smetana recreated the illustration in parts by shooting groups of naked talent as separate pieces of the puzzle (suggesting individual family members are pieces of the family tree puzzle). Electric Art took these separate ‘pieces of the puzzle’ and put it back together to create this image of Cathy Freeman.

Catherine (Cathy) Astrid Salome Freeman, an Australian Aboriginals was born on 16th February in Mackay, Queensland. Catherine is Greek for ‘pure’, Astrid, German for ‘star’ and Salome is Hebrew for ‘Peace’. Catherine is among the World’s greatest female athlete and Olympic Champion.

Full face Catherine Freeman

The eye

Close up of the eye and eyebrow

How the nude bodies are positioned.

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