Sunday, June 22, 2008

Photo collection of Tropical caterpillars

This page is reserved for photo collection of Tropical caterpillars. Below are awesome photos of caterpillar in various shapes and sizes, spiky or furry, spotty or camouflaged.

Page may load slow but have patience for the awesome collection. Click the link for more info about the caterpillar which may also include some links to a short video clip hosted at YouTube. Enjoy.

Top: Luminous green spiky caterpillar - Euclea delphinii

Top: Furry black and white tropical caterpillar
Bottom: Spiky caterpillar with black and red spots

Top: Tropical spiky black caterpillar (ground caterpillar)
Bottom: Green, yellowish and horned tropical caterpillar

Top: Gang of tiny baby black tropical caterpillars
Bottom: Nasty camouflaged tropical caterpillar

Top: A pale yellowish and spiky tropical caterpillar (click for more photos)
Bottom: Furry tropical caterpillar

Top: Tropical black caterpillar with white stripes
Bottom: Tropical brown "shoe brush" caterpillar

Top : Tropical green caterpillar with fake eyes
Bottom : Tropical green caterpillar with black spots

Top: Tropical hairy black and white stripped caterpillar
Bottom: Tropical green leave cutter caterpillar


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